‘Back Pain’

The Movement Solution for Back Pain Relief

When we feel pain in our low back, what’s the first thing many of us tend to think? We need to lie down. We need to sit down. We need to rest so our back will feel better. We may think we need to reach for a bottle of Aleve and likely a heating pad.

Fair enough. Each of those methods may help us find temporary or short-term relief. But what do you do when those nagging aches and pains in our back return the next day or within a few hour or minutes?

As the go-to lower back pain specialist in Lavaca County, we’re glad you asked!


Say Goodbye to Low Back Pain: Understanding the Causes

For many of us, gone are the days where we can clean the house, go for a walk, play with the kids, play with our pets, and, if we’re being honest, simply go to sleep without putting ourselves at risk for neck or low back pain.

Surprise sleep injuries aside, if you’re all too familiar with back pain, you’ve come to the right place!

As the leading low back pain specialist in Hallettsville, we know a thing or two about the common causes of low back pain.


Spinal Disc Health 101: The Proven Benefits of Proactive Care

“Move it or lose it!”

I’m not really sure where that started, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the person who originally coined that phrase was a chiropractor… thinking about spinal disc health and proactive care. Seriously, it seems that so many of us just don’t realize movement can and is often the best medicine for the spine!

Did you know that our spinal discs actually don’t have a good blood supply running to and through them to help keep them healthy? It’s actually movement – yes, movement – that drives the intake of the vital fluids, oxygen, and nutrients that our discs need to maintain their optimal structure.


3 Key Ways to Prevent a Herniated, Bulging, or Slipped Disc

A neighbor of mine once told me “Getting old is not for the faint of heart,” and that’s always stuck with me.

After all, haven’t we all had one of those days where we wake up somehow having managed to injure ourselves in our sleep?


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