Say Goodbye to Low Back Pain: Understanding the Causes

For many of us, gone are the days where we can clean the house, go for a walk, play with the kids, play with our pets, and, if we’re being honest, simply go to sleep without putting ourselves at risk for neck or low back pain.

Surprise sleep injuries aside, if you’re all too familiar with back pain, you’ve come to the right place!

As the leading low back pain specialist in Hallettsville, we know a thing or two about the common causes of low back pain.


These Low Back Pain Relief Exercises Can Help You Recover Quicker

Bottom Line:
When back pain strikes, your first instinct might be to sit down or lie down until your discomfort subsides. But get this. Recent studies strongly suggest that medications and rest are actually a couple of the least effective ways to find relief!

What’s more, research also tells us that it’s often a lack of daily movement that causes back pain to begin in the first place! And, actually, most of us already know that, don’t we?


When to Have Back Surgery and When to See a Chiropractor Instead

When to Have Back Surgery and When to See a Chiropractor Instead

Bottom Line:
Many people think that surgery is the ultimate once-and-for-all “fix” for a problem area of their spine that has been injured.

They may believe that the answer to the question of when to have back surgery is if they’ve been living with it for more than a month or so.

And while in a very small percentage of back pain cases surgery has reportedly provided some level of relief… It’s also true that the permanent changes that surgery makes to your anatomy can cause a host of new problems to appear, and that’s in addition to the inherent risks that come along with such invasive procedures.


Neck Arthritis: Why Your Daily Habits Might Be to Blame

Bottom Line:
Arthritis is defined as the breakdown of the cartilage around your joints, and this condition can develop anywhere in your body.

Neck arthritis is quite common.

Arthritis is actually a normal part of the aging process.

Some of the most common symptoms associated with arthritis (including neck arthritis) are joint pain, stiffness, swelling, and a limited range of motion.

There is good news.

While arthritis is normal and natural, the decisions we make each day can dramatically impact how likely it is to become more of a problem for us as we age.


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