The Surprising Link Between Posture and Depression

Posture and Depression

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Posture can either work for or against us. Each day we’re learning more and more about new health conditions associated with prolonged sitting, ill-positioned technology, and even furniture that may have been repurposed to suit the frantic requirements levied at the start of the pandemic. It’s obvious that it’s never been more important to find the best posture for working at our computers.

We’re also learning more about how emotions, posture, and pain sensitivity may all be influenced by each other to some degree. In fact, posture and depression may be connected. Consider this. Have you ever been able to tell someone’s mood just by how they walked into a room? We all have! It’s a great example of how our posture and attitude are connected.

Within seconds you can look at someone and tell whether they are confident or happy. Posture can influence mood and vice versa for a number of reasons. Let’s take a closer look at posture and depression.


3 Steps to Go from Exhausted to Energized

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If you’re coming out of the holidays feeling a little sluggish and low on energy in Hallettsville, you’re not alone!

Any changes to your regular sleep and exercise routine can impact your energy levels and leave your body struggling just a bit to keep up without that seemingly necessary caffeine fix.

Not to worry! As we head into the new year, we’ve prepared a list of some simple steps you can take to enjoy a healthier, happier, and less exhausted, more energized 2022!


How Inflammation Affects Your Body

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Inflammation is like a check engine light for your body. It tells you that something isn’t quite right, and you should pay attention.

The first step in discovering the cause of the problem is determining whether you have acute or chronic inflammation.

Acute inflammation is short-term and plays a critical role in healing and injury repair. Chronic inflammation on the other hand describes a condition where your immune system continues to produce white blood cells and chemicals even after the injury is gone.


Is My Arm Pain Coming from My Neck?

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Pain in your hand, wrist, or arm can be frustrating. You don’t realize how much you use your arms and hands until pain, numbness, or tingling gets in the way.

Most of us don’t usually wonder “is my arm pain coming from my neck” right off the bat, but it’s actually very common for arm pain to be traced back to a nerve issue in the neck.