The Key to Crossfit Success

Crossfit Success

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If you’re into Crossfit, you know how addictive it can become. The mix of high-intensity interval training and competition can help drive your motivation and commitment and lead you to achieve amazing changes to your body. Consistency becomes the key to your success to getting the results you’re after, but what do you do when you’re injured?


The Healthcare “Secret” of Pro Athletes

Pro Athletes

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Entering the arena of professional sports comes with high stakes. The slightest advantage can make all the difference between coming out on top or coming up short while competing. As a result, most high-level athletes are in tune with every nuance of their body and are on the constant hunt to find ways to improve their performance. It might surprise you to learn that many athletes have been using Chiropractic for decades. From Babe Ruth to Tom Brady, top athletes rely on Chiropractic care as one of the “secret” ingredients to their success.


Why Do Athletes Need a Chiropractor?


Bottom Line:
Preparing, training and competing all make participating in your sport of choice so much fun. However, the common motions and movements used in many popular sports can place a tremendous amount of stress on your neck and back. Fortunately your body is incredibly strong and resilient, however it’s important to give your muscles and joints time for rest and recovery. As Chiropractors, we are uniquely trained to assist athletes in preparing for and recovering from the demands of competition. We understand that the stress of training is different from your needs during recovery and we can help you stay on track.


Getting Adjusted Makes You Stronger

Bottom Line: Did you know that a Chiropractic adjustment doesn’t only help reduce your pain levels? It also enables you to get stronger! It’s true. Researchers measured the electrical activity in the arms and legs before, during and after a Chiropractic adjustment. What did they find? An increase in cortical drive after a Chiropractic adjustment. That’s science-speak for more strength. (more…)

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