‘Pain Relief’

The Opioid Crisis

The Opioid CrisisBottom Line: For years, opioid medications were commonly prescribed for people with back injuries. As a matter of fact, doctors have written enough opioid prescriptions for every adult in the US to have a bottle. This practice has led to the devastation of millions of lives. Thankfully, recent guidelines have been urging physicians to try natural, conservative healthcare BEFORE resorting to the prescription of dangerous medications. (more…)

Health Isn’t Found in a Bottle

Health Is Not in a BottleBottom Line: Up to one-third of Americans live with chronic pain on a daily basis, and many have become reliant upon opioids to treat it. It seems as though a day doesn’t pass without seeing a tragic story linked to opioids in the news. And while these medications were created to help people live a better life, over 100 people per day are now dying due to overdoses. Some publications have even called them more addictive than street drugs like cocaine and heroin. The bottom line is that health is rarely, if ever, found in a bottle. (more…)

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