‘Nervous System’

Getting Adjusted Makes You Stronger

Bottom Line: Did you know that a Chiropractic adjustment doesn’t only help reduce your pain levels? It also enables you to get stronger! It’s true. Researchers measured the electrical activity in the arms and legs before, during and after a Chiropractic adjustment. What did they find? An increase in cortical drive after a Chiropractic adjustment. That’s science-speak for more strength. (more…)

Chiropractic Brain Octane

Bottom Line: Well before buttered coffee and MCT oil became a popular trend, Dr. Roger Sperry (a neurobiologist and Nobel award winner) had a staggering finding regarding human performance. He discovered that the movement of the spine generates 90% of stimulation and nutrition to the brain! (more…)

Kids + Care = Better Sports Performance

Bottom Line: We love our kids and always encourage them to be their very best. Well, if your children get adjusted, science now says your kids are getting physically stronger. When it comes to kids and sports, stronger often means better. (more…)

Poor Posture Got You Down? Stand Tall For More Energy

Bottom Line: When we’re tired … we slouch forward. However, new research says that slouching makes us tired and spinal movement gives us more energy. Think of your spinal motion as your brain’s power generator giving you greater energy and clarity. Yes, just by moving your spine you can energize your brain and central nervous system. (more…)