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A Team Approach to Healthcare

Healthcare Team

Bottom Line:
When people work together as a team towards a common goal, each individual member is able to focus on their strengths. Great communication is perhaps the most important hallmark of a great team. High-level communication is the key that allows everyone to bring their specific skills and talents together to achieve more than they ever could alone. Great teams also exist outside of sports and business…have you thought about your healthcare team lately?


A Resolution for Better Health

New Year ResolutionBottom Line:
The end of the year is the perfect time to sit down, reflect and create your goals for the upcoming year, and often our biggest resolutions are first, to get healthy, and second, to get it to stick! If it’s on your list to improve your physical well-being, you’re in the right place. We’re right here to support you. Our office is focused on helping you create an active, healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition, exercise and Chiropractic care. Wondering just how the Chiropractic lifestyle will help you keep your new year’s resolution? Keep reading… (more…)

Eat Better to Feel Better This Holiday Season

Holiday Healthy EatingBottom Line:
Cakes, cookies, pumpkin lattes, and apple pie. The four food groups of the holiday season – and a recipe for inflammation, fatigue, and maybe even a few extra pounds around the waistline. We’ve all been there. Maybe you’ve fallen asleep on the couch less than 20 minutes after leaving the kitchen table once or twice? Well, thankfully you don’t need to give up everything you crave to feel better this holiday season. In fact, a few small, smart choices can help you have a much healthier and happier holiday. (more…)

It’s the Holidays Don’t Panic

Holiday PanicBottom Line:
Traveling long distances on planes, trains, and automobiles is a common side-effect of the holidays, and the stress of all this holiday travel can be overwhelming. Lifting heavy suitcases, hopping in the car for a 13+ hour drive, or even getting the middle seat on an overbooked flight can lead to awkward neck positions and that all too familiar worn down feeling. It’s no surprise that many people experience increased neck pain and shoulder tension during the holidays, so what can you do about it besides turning into the Grinch and staying home? Well, new research tells us that you’ve made a smart decision in visiting our office for help. (more…)

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