Tech Neck: A Headache Waiting to Happen

Tech NeckBottom Line: Are you connected to your phone and computer around the clock? Think about it – many of us aren’t more than an arm’s length from our phone at any time (even when we’re sleeping). It’s part of living in a connected world, but all of that time on the phone cruising Amazon and Buzzfeed takes a toll. It can place a lot of tension on the supporting muscles of our neck and start to cause headaches. It’s called “tech neck”, and it’s one of the most common causes of headaches and neck pain. (more…)

Approach with Caution: Migraine in Progress

MigraineBottom Line: Headaches make it difficult to concentrate and communicate, leaving you ready to curl up on the couch and pull a blanket over your head. Some people suffer from headaches multiple times per week! As you can imagine, this can leave you feeling tired, irritable, and sometimes even depressed. But did you know that new research has shown a new path to find relief? Researchers have discovered Chiropractic care can provide over a 50% reduction in pain by the first follow-up. (more…)

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