‘Back Pain’

Gravity Got You Down?

Bottom Line: You probably don’t think too much about the force of gravity on your body as you’re walking around each day. It’s just something we all live with, but have you ever paused to consider how gravity is putting stress on your body’s bones, joints and nervous system throughout every minute of every day? After all, gravity keeps our feet on the ground, literally, by pulling our bodies towards the center of the earth. (more…)

Do You Realize How Smart You Are?

Bottom Line: In a world of dangerous medications, risky surgeries, and the costs of healthcare being the #1 cause of personal bankruptcy, doing what you can to get well soon and stay well for as long as you can is – what can we say – simply genius. Many of the most respected healthcare organizations in the world recommend Chiropractic care as the best natural way to stay pain-free, and recent research from the top tier research journal SPINE has proven Chiropractic has statistically and clinically significant benefits (which is research-talk for Chiropractic care helps people). (more…)

The Beginning of a Paradigm to Treat Back Pain

Bottom Line: A recent scientific study demonstrated that 73% of people with acute low back pain who used both standard medical care and Chiropractic care together experienced either significant improvement or complete relief vs. 17% of people who relied on standard medical care alone. That’s remarkable. This discovery might signify the beginning of a new trend where science primarily focuses on how to help people get well and stay well naturally. We might soon discover a wide range of possible health concerns that people could find significant improvement or complete relief from by adding natural methods like Chiropractic care to their standard medical treatment plan. (more…)

More People Find Relief with Chiropractic than Standard Medical Care Alone

Bottom Line: Over the past few years, our country has been fighting one of the deadliest epidemics in history: addiction to prescription pain medications. What’s more, thanks to a pharmaceutical industry that has billions of dollars to spend on lobbying and advertising, it’s been an uphill battle. In the United States alone, over 300 million prescriptions for pain relievers are filled every year. Many of the people filling those medications started taking them due to back pain, and until recently, prescribing pills has been the standard of medical care for acute pain. That’s why we have so many people addicted to painkillers, and it’s estimated that 2% of the population will eventually become addicted to these prescription painkillers. (more…)

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