A Team Approach to Healthcare

Healthcare Team

Bottom Line:
When people work together as a team towards a common goal, each individual member is able to focus on their strengths. Great communication is perhaps the most important hallmark of a great team. High-level communication is the key that allows everyone to bring their specific skills and talents together to achieve more than they ever could alone. Great teams also exist outside of sports and business…have you thought about your healthcare team lately?

Why it Matters:
These healthcare teams are part of what’s known as a “multi-disciplinary” approach. Each healthcare provider focuses on their specialty, and everyone works together to keep the athletes healthy, happy, and playing at their best. Chiropractors are considered an essential part of these teams because of our focus on injury recovery and prevention, and overall performance. Another great benefit of using the team approach is the shift of treatment away from drugs and medication.

  • A high-quality healthcare team can offer you a more personalized path to get well and stay well.
  • Research indicates that Chiropractic patients are up to 55% less likely to fill an opioid prescription.

Next Steps:
Like any good team, you want to recruit the best players, or in this case – the best doctors. Our practice has built relationships with many top doctors in the area that also believe in a team approach to wellness. If you’re looking for a recommendation, just ask! We’re happy to help you find someone who will complement the active care, rehab, and adjustments you receive in our practice to help you live your best life.

Science Source:
(1) Association Between Utilization of Chiropractic Services for Treatment of Low-Back Pain and Use of Prescription Opioids. The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine 2018.

by Christopher Freytag, D.C.

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