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When back pain strikes, your first instinct might be to sit down or lie down until your discomfort subsides. But get this. Recent studies strongly suggest that medications and rest are actually a couple of the least effective ways to find relief!

What’s more, research also tells us that it’s often a lack of daily movement that causes back pain to begin in the first place! And, actually, most of us already know that, don’t we?

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When to Have Back Surgery and When to See a Chiropractor Instead

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Many people think that surgery is the ultimate once-and-for-all “fix” for a problem area of their spine that has been injured.

They may believe that the answer to the question of when to have back surgery is if they’ve been living with it for more than a month or so.

And while in a very small percentage of back pain cases surgery has reportedly provided some level of relief… It’s also true that the permanent changes that surgery makes to your anatomy can cause a host of new problems to appear, and that’s in addition to the inherent risks that come along with such invasive procedures.

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Here’s What Causes Low Back Pain… and It’s Not What You Think

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Yes, it’s true. Low back pain is something that a majority of us – well over 80% of the world’s population – will deal with at some point in our lives. It’s also true that a majority of our local community have considered seeking low back pain treatment in Hallettsville, TX.

But, what causes low back pain exactly?

Most of us mistakenly think that any back pain we experience must be attributed to a single incident.

The time you picked up a box that was just a little bit too heavy.

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Research-Backed Ways to Relieve Sciatica Pain Without Surgery

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Have you ever immediately stopped in your tracks or fallen to your knees because of a sudden onset of sciatica pain? Perhaps your low back “locked-up” and pain shot down your leg after a simple sneeze or cough or you bent over to pick something up.

Talk about one of the most unwelcome surprises of your life! It can also be scary.

After all, intense pain like that must be caused by something serious, right?

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